Thursday, 8 May 2008

the best search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the practice, Web-site search-friendly search engines and for those who search through a search engine. There are some common mistakes that people while optimizing their sites for search engines.

Here are some common mistakes as in that may lead to a decline in placement in search engines. Sometimes webmasters do not even know that they are doing something that affects search engine positioning, so that some common errors listed.

False Designed websites If your site is designed so inadequate that lack of proper navigation, using frames to save web designers to design times, and large graphics, more time to load, makes all of these effects on the listing in the search engine. Search engine spiders can actually be blocked by crawling sites that are not well developed. Therefore, web design is very important part of the search engine optimization.

In many sites, pictures and other script languages are fine for looks. These are good, but not crawl-can not advisable for search engine optimization. Try your useful links in HTML and not as use of pictures or the use of other Web scripting languages. If your page layout change then HTML link at the bottom of your page. It is also a good chance to use keywords in anchor text.

Large picture size will lead to more time to the download page that people have no time to wait too long. Make your images in several pieces, so it takes less time than single image. Try low resolution file where high-resolution graphics are not necessary. If it is essential to large images we use, with thumbnails and open it in separate page. This may be the added benefit of creating more and more pages of text, spiders and bots crave. Bad written content If we evaluate biggest factor for a high ranking in the search engines, namely "content".

Clarity of content on the site is a very important aspect for search engine spiders, search engine and directory users. If your content is badly written and not relevant, what you want to find or contents, never updated, as your site is not more user-friendly search engine-friendly. Well-written content is what search engine spiders eat, and the content is the key to high rankings. In addition, your content must have targeted keywords and phrases. If the content is correct, you can keyword targeted and appropriate rates.

Ideally, you use these words often during your copy and can also be in bold or italics to show search engines, these words are very important in the scope of the page!

Lack of targeted keywords and phrases can break your site. When users search engine and enter certain keywords related to your site, but if you have not entered this keyword in your body as a text of your site is not included in the listing.

Another common mistake, which some professional SEO is the choice of keywords in the META keyword tag. Make sure that it might seem logical to your content.
Any irrelevant key word or phrase can increase your ranking but think about it - even if it succeeded, ranking well for such a competitive term, you do not want to learn how many of the visitors to your site as a result of this search leave as soon as they would see Your home? That is true, because most of them do not know exactly find what they are looking for. Spelling mistakes, odd distance, and product feature-specific variations should also be considered. A thorough keyword research can save money and future disappointments.

Is it now clear that the orientation of such a generic word is a waste of time? What you do is instead of optimizing your site for search terms and phrases that are very specific to your exact business. Use a tool such as Word Tracker to find what people actually typing in the search engines to find goods and services similar to yours and concentrate on rank well for these terms. The more qualified visitors to your site, the more likely you are to convert those visitors into paying customers. Replica of the content is not copy content from other 's website. When search engines your site compares with other hand, if your site is updated later the view that your site as spam and may result in punishment or low ranking of your site. If you duplicate pages means that if you prepare more than a page with different names and link, but if content on the same page as a search engine will stunt and it definitely affect your ranking.

Even search engine algorithms become smarter and are now examining whether sites contain highly relevant content before they become a part of the index. Improper use of meta tags or place, without meta tags without meta tags or improper meta tags can misguide search engine for the irrelevance search that may lead to incorrect listing your site. Using meta tags, keyword tags and description. It is part reserved mainly for search engines. Meta tags help search engines for the quick. It is also helpful to the ranking in search engines. Make sure that these meta-tags on all sides of the site and for each side.

If your site is well-suited to the content and also about the proper keywords, but neither side is not descriptive title or used and appropriate page title, as it could harm your ranking. It is better to have different titles in each side also descriptive page title.

Use your title tags, URL and H1 tags for the optimization of the website. In one of these sites are the three easiest and most important for the search engine, when it comes to search engine optimization. Sitemap for lack Web site with more than 10 pages without Sitemap, users need to search entire site for the content he is looking for which is very slow and eventually end user can, without going further. For the reason, it is very important to prepare Sitemap in the website to help viewfinder and search engine. Sitemap support web crawlers index sites in an efficient and effective. Sitemap provides structure of the entire site to a page that is very useful for search engine optimization. The site map is driving the search engine to go directly to the page instead of looking for links. This is very helpful to optimize the site to search engines.
Google has an option to generate site map of your site. Google Sitemaps is an easy way to tell Google about all the pages on your site, which sites are important for you, and if these pages for a more intelligent and fresh crawl search results.

Google Sitemaps also provides information on how Google sees your site. Page cloaking The website contains content designed specifically for the search engine called cloaking site. The search engine checks IP address and the keyword search query. There are cloaking techniques, where the homepage is changed to every keyword search engine to think that your site contains very relevant content, especially for the queried keyword or keyword. Cloaking can lead to a penalty that may damage your company and ranking. About the optimization affects your site, if you weight only on search engine rankings will be on optimization. If you are content to your site with more number of keywords that keyword Floating filled, with a high keyword density can lead to an over optimization penalty. This also applies to your page title, your description and meta-meta-keywords, and the ALT attributes your pictures. This means that you can not stuff keywords as running text on the website. Therefore avoid optimizing your pages very much by all ways. Try to site for people instead of search engine robots. Back absence of links or broken links must link your site properly. For instance, if you open some page in a new window and there is no link back or a navigation on the main page to return when it is just a deserted island. The other example is, though the banner of some of your partner or relevance to your business, when users click on this link and you do not have space, as a user can not find if he wants back on your site. It is a good way to link sites that relate to your company and ask them a link to your site. But take care of proper link. Try and think in terms of traffic and prevent the PageRank trap. If a link will take your site traffic then go for it. If you are in a fiercely competitive market try, quality links. Inadequate marketing plan ranking will not help if you don 't know what your target market. Your ranking has to lead with the right marketing strategy taken that your target audience and not only useless results. Before the time and money a perfect marketing plan is essential.